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Jesus Is On Call 24 Hours A Day, Every Day ( For You )

What you need right now to help you with your problem is good spiritual information. Ready? Here it is? Don’t depend on opinions! You need to know a Scripture that works! You belong to Jesus and He cares for you! I’m telling you right now, that the Word of Jesus needs to occupy the place of highest importance in every area of your life. Here’s how you do it!

There’s Only One Highway To Heaven And That’s Through Jesus

It’s not a coincidence you’re here today! You can turn your life around in a Big, Big, Way! How? Get your spiritual ticket and get happy in Jesus! You see, the devil works overtime trying to get people to stay in the world of darkness. But Angels want you running to the Light of Heaven. Glory be to God! Jesus is the Only One who opens up the way to Heaven for you!

The Christian Race

If you’re saved in Christ, do you know that you’re in a Christian race to heaven? Many Christians are so casual about this truth that they’re missing it, and they are not even aware of it. Christianity is a race. And the sooner, Christians become serious with it, the greater their chances of making it to the finishing line. This post emphasizes the need for Christians to run this race well.

The Call To A Soul Winning Lifestyle

Are you winning souls as a lifestyle? Soul winning shouldn’t be a periodic thing in your life. This is because the enemy is making converts every day in multitudes. Therefore, be smarter and faster than He is so that you can win more people for Christ. This article encourages you to imbibe soul winning as a lifestyle.

God Rewards A Soul Winner Very Well

Does it pay being a soul winner? Certainly, it pays to engage in soul winning endeavours. This is because your Master, God Almighty, diligently rewards those that obey Him. And He doesn’t ‘use’ people, rather, He rewards handsomely.

Live the Life of Faith

It is hoped that those who have been Christians for quite some time now understand that it is very difficult to live without God. Coming to God appears to be impossible without the exercise of faith. Therefore, today, we shall look at what faith is. Furthermore, we shall look at the characteristics of faith as expressed by the believers who walked the life of faith before us. This will further help guide you on how to live the life of faith.

Near Death Experience or Mental Illness?

Dr. Raymond Moody introduced the concept of NDE, or Near Death Experience in 1975 to millions with his best-selling book Life After Life. Well before and since Dr. Moody’s book, countless people from all over the world have reported having a NDE, or Near Death Experience.

The Voice of Our Inner Teacher

You may feel you have lost your way – either momentarily or in the larger sense. You may have forgotten who you truly are and how to reconnect to the depths of your being.

Why Reincarnation Is a Better Incentive Than Religion

According to a recent study, most Americans believe it’s important to follow the Ten Commandments. The study found “US Adults overall are more likely to say every commandment is ‘an important principle to live by’ rather than an unimportant principle.

The Devil Is Always Talking To You About Quitting And Giving Up ( Don’t Do It )!

The devil wants you to doubt God’s Word! How many times has doubt robbed you of potential victories God wanted you to have? Many people hear the voice of God and ignore it, reject it or try to forget it, those people fall into the devil’s trap. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this article teaching! Listen to me, you’re going to be glad I told you to read this article.

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