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A New Perspective On Life

In 1982, three events took place in my life that made me question everything I thought I knew.Two young friends were killed in separate farming accidents. Both men were young, nice guys and recently married, and both men’s wives were pregnant.The first instance occurred on the farm where my ancestors settled in southern Indiana in eighteen fifty-three when migrating from Germany. It was in the autumn and they were busy filling the silo with corn to feed the cattle during the Midwestern winter.

Some Dress Like This Physically Whilst Others Even Dare to Dress Like This Spiritually!

The lack of answer to prayer was not due to any deficiency in God. He was neither disabled nor deaf. Isaiah explains how the problem lay not with God’s arm or ear, but with their hands and mouths. Sins were separating people from their God as if a big curtain was hiding His face from them. A catalogue of sins is exposed. Injustice was rife. Accusations, finger pointing and malicious talk was rampant. It was as if their spiritual clothing was made from cobwebs. God could see and hear everything. Coverings made from cobwebs are totally inadequate, physically and spiritually. Jesus Christ, having been crucified, is now risen and alive and this living loving Jesus is able to do for us what requires to be done. The risen Jesus does what only the risen Jesus can do, as God’s amazing grace is poured out and experienced yet again.

The Advantages Of White Privilege

Today, in many circles it is thought that because a person’s skin is white, they have lead an easier life and not been exposed to some of the hardships many have seen, only because they are white.There are many, many whites who have lead lives just as tumultuous as any other particular element of society. To discover the truth in this, one just needs to look around at all the various lives people of all colors lead and not just look at the stereotypical person.

Might You Be One of These Three – Or Could You Know of Someone in One of These Situations?

Might you be one of these three persons? Some of us meet these people weekly, and at times, it seems we meet them daily! There are thousands of men and women defeated and dismayed and broken by the thought of past failures. There are times when, in a few verses, we see the risen Jesus appearing to stir the emotions – inform the mind – and bend the will. All three are necessary. Jesus Christ does that here and we do need all three for growth and maturity and stability. John gives us this remarkable unique insight into the lives of three needy people. Jesus comes to the sad and sorrowing – to those who have a question, or even a doubt – and to those who may feel broken by past failures. We meet such folk weekly – if not daily – people with hurts and habits and hang-ups!

How Does Psychic Perception Work?

This article focuses on developing a deeper understanding of psychic ability and how it works. It broadly covers the history of common definitions of psychic ability as well as a broad outline of new consciousness and training in psychic abilities.

Expansive Awareness

Each client who appears in your therapy room is a walking palimpsest of information and communication. As Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) therapists we learn to deepen in our awareness of the narrative, the story, the energetic storyline of the person in front of us.

How to Understand Your Dreams and the Hidden Messages They Convey

I was drawn to write this article about dreams because it is an area that has an important bearing on our lives. I have found over the years working as a psychic that interpreting the subconscious has been very cathartic for people who need to understand what they are all about.

Welcome to the Family of Jesus (A Sermon on John 12:1-8)

Six days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany, the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. 2There they gave a dinner for him. Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those at the table with him.

An Introduction to Dynamic Imagination

We use Dynamic Imagination to connect with that aspect of the inner realms that contains the archetypes and mythological symbols. Through dynamic imagery we surrender to a meeting with those inner forces that direct, guide, and form the backdrop to the unfolding events and experience of our individual life journey.

The Time Is Now: Do Something, Do Anything, Just Don’t Do Nothing

It’s only natural to long for the good old days. But as far as America is concerned, those days are gone. It could make us sad, but it should make us hopeful. God cares enough about us to move us out of our complacency, if we are willing to be moved. The fields are truly white unto harvest. Are we ready and willing to get out there, regardless of the cost?

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