THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD | Powerful Billy Graham Speech – Inspirational Motivational Video

The whole Bible is God’s love story toward us. At the heart of the story, we find the cross. We see Jesus willingly going to his death for the sake of the world. In this sacrifice we are shown the depths of God’s love!

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Billy Graham

Whitesand – Imperfections
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Our focus is to inspire, motivate and encourage believers in their walk with God.

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The whole bible is a love story. It’S God’s love affair with the human race. You see, God has all those billions of planets out there, all those hundreds of billions of stars and it’s all God’s, but of all the planets in the whole universe.

The whole universe stands in awe at the love that God showers on this little planet called the earth. We are the only planet in so far as I know that are in rebellion against God, and yet, in spite of our rebellion in spite of our disobedience.

In spite of our sins, God loves us, that’s the thrilling thing about it, and God loves every person in the whole world with a love that is beyond our comprehension, and God proved his love by giving his son on the cross, if you ever doubt that, God Loves look at the cross because God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself.

That’s the greatest illustration of love in the whole world is the cross because God is saying from the cross. I love you. I love you. I love you, you and I was saved by the cross, our Lord loved us so much that he gave his only son to die on that cross.

Now love is not feeling, you say, I feel I love him. It’s not feeling love is doing. Love is a verb, God did something: God gave his love, God commendeth. His love taught us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

The Apostle John looking at that cross said behold. What manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us and when you look at that cross and think about it, that the Romans used the instrument of execution on a colossal scale and they put nails in the hands and spikes in the feet and spat on the People and mutilated the bodies broke their legs to help them die, quicker and all sorts of terrible things.

The most cruel death in the whole world is the death of the cross, and our Lord was hanging there with the mocking crowd, making fun of him and he hung there for you and you, and you, and God was saying I love you.

Jesus laid down his life for us and that’s the reason the scripture says: there’s no other way to heaven. You can’t be saved any other way. You cannot find life with a capital. L any other way. You cannot gain entrance to the kingdom of heaven without coming to the cross, because if God could have found another way, he would have found it.

It’s God’s love, it’s so deep and so wide and so high and so great and has such dimensions to it. That no words in any language can describe it. It’s a love that God has for you that, in spite of the fact that you were rebelling against him, in spite of the fact that you were a sinner, in spite of the fact that you broke his laws, he gave his son to shed his blood.

In spite of everything, we’ve ever done, God loves and words cannot describe it, and God says the moment you receive his son as savior. He gives you the spirit of God to live in your heart and the spirit of God produces this love in you and through you, that’s the reason Jesus said: thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. It’s a supernatural love for your neighbor. You may not like your neighbor, but you can love your neighbor. God’s love in our hearts, produced by the Holy Spirit supernaturally produced.

No, I cannot love everybody, but God can give me the capacity to love everybody, and maybe your wife is you’re irritable. Maybe you are irritable, God can take you and change you and transform you and transform that relationship until you can fall in love all over again.

God can take you young people here tonight and forgive your past sins every one of them. Think of it. Every sin forgiven and make your heart just as clean as it was the day. You were born and resensitize your conscience, which is in danger of becoming hardened and give you a new tenderness and give you the real meaning of love.

Let Jesus Christ come into your heart. Let him forgive your past sins. Let him change your life and say from this moment on. I want him to be in control of my life. I want him to sit in the cockpit of my life and run it and direct it.

I turn my life over to him tonight.

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