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How to Put Enemy on the Run With Previous Testimonies

Are you still challenged in any way and has God done anything for you at all? If so, this is the time to engage the weapon of testimonies to put the enemy on the run. Every arrow of testimony sends the devil farther away from you. This article encourages you to launch an attack against the enemy by counting your blessings and also shows you how.

Numerology-You Have at Least Some Master Numbers Part I

Master Numbers originated due to pattern recognition; these numbers, time and time again, are directly associated with patterns relating to extraordinary circumstances. The modern numerology Day of Birth and Life Path are but two factors where Master Numbers show up. Dig deep enough in the comprehensive patterns, and you find that everyone has at least some Master Numbers, and typically several.

I Am

Some people face calamity in their life with poise and grace. Others simply suffer in despair. Life demands that you get up, and try to defeat the thing that has taken your happiness. But, why do that alone?

It’s Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Christmas season is a wonderful time of the year for lots of people, but sadly, not for everyone. You and I will see people carrying holiday packages, but we may not know what they are carrying on the inside. It’s a great season to to exhibit love and compassion to all.

Spiritual Topics Like Astrology As Credible As Modern Science

Critics label the mystical sciences as “non-science based stuff that has no supporting evidence” since you won’t find it in peer reviewed scientific journals. Our viewpoint that astrology, reincarnation, psychic work, and other metaphysical disciplines are just as valid as conventional science such as biology, is controversial, even though these fields of study involve all parts of the scientific method (besides peer review) outlined above.

Signs of Demonic Possession

Unwanted entity attachment and negative energy are a part of life, but most people aren’t aware of this hidden problem, or how it can influence their lives. The source of the unwanted energy can be negative energy directed at you from an enemy (which can also be from a past life and carry over to your present), a lost soul that happens to join your energy, or a demon or demon-like entity that is attacking you for various reasons.

Safe Harbor

Do you consider yourself to be lucky or smart? Can you conceive and plan a perfect life for yourself and for those you love? You might do better than you think, if you have the right help.

Engage Desperate Cry To The Eleventh Hour God

What else can you do to effect change at this eleventh-hour of the year? The days are rolling by and the year is almost gone, with your expectations yet to materialize. Furthermore, your hope is dwindling away faster than you can build it. So, it’s time to give it another push. This article encourages you to engage a desperate cry to God, who specializes in doing wonders even in the dying minutes.

How To Finish Strong In Faith Now And Not Cry

Is it still possible to undoubtedly receive your miracle? The God of all possibilities is able to do the impossible even when you least expect it. But will He find faith in you when He comes? This article shows you how to hold onto your faith even if your chances of receiving your desired answer seem very slim.

Awareness and Liberation

Today the individual has a responsibility to respond to life, to feel life, to become aware. This liberation or freedom is attained in the relinquishing of the individual personal self in favor of the Divine, which is all selves, all events in duality and more, and beyond all opposites and duality.

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