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Number Nine and the Nine Life Path

There are nine life paths. This article is about life path number nine, the path of selflessness.

You Might Be A Medium And Not Even Know It

Dr. Julie Beischel is a scientist who has scientifically researched mediumship and life after death for over 15 years. Her goal with Windbridge Research Center is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next. They do rigorous scientific research and share it with general public practitioners to spread the word.

God Cares For You, More Than You Know ( Through Jesus, God Is Always Thinking About You )

God knows you better than anybody, He cares for you more than anybody! This is a clear statement from scripture. You will never be overlooked and forgotten! God is consumed with thinking about you! How do I know? It’s in this article teaching and it’s guaranteed to get you thinking about God’s Word in your life!

How To Be Spiritually Strong Against The Devil’s Attacks

Why are you fearful? You can be spiritually strong in the Lord! The Word of God is the power in you, to stand and defeat the schemes of the devil. Learn to see with your spiritual eyes! Here are key truths that will help you put on the whole armor of God. He equips you for spiritual battle. What can you do? How do you get started? Defend yourself starting with this teaching article.

You Have Benefits And Favor Because You Belong To Jesus

Jesus wants to change your situation and turn it around for your good and His glory! Jesus wants you coming back for more! There are those so hungry, so desperate for His presence. Is this you? You have benefits and favor because you belong to Jesus! Now is the time to call out to Jesus and be free from the struggles and claim your benefits. Yes! This article is the teaching you need today!

Being A Justice Warrior

Many people express interest in justice and are engaged in activities to that end. Observing many news items in our culture provide evidence of a woefully deficient understanding of justice. I wrote this piece to stimulate wholesome thinking on the subject.

How To Be Dedicated To Jesus And Start Serving Him

The Lord Jesus is looking for people who are bold enough, dedicated enough and committed enough to start serving Him. Tell me how? This the Bible way to be fixed on following Jesus! There’s no time to wait! Let me get you started right here! This teaching article is in High demand!

“How to Live From Love, Trust and Faith”

All emotions are coming from either love or fear. For example, gratitude, acceptance, and inner peace is coming from our love. While anger, resentment, anxiety, and stress are fear-based. When we come from fear we are in survival, and we lack trust and faith. We are only truly living when we experience love, trust, and faith. Which emotion are you living your life from, love or fear? I am pleased to share some tools I use to help me live from love, trust, and faith.

Are You A Follower Of Jesus? Can People See The Evidence?

I’m excited today about this teaching! Why? I believe you will be in inspired and energized up! Are you a follower of Jesus? Can people see the evidence? It’s a high honor to those who follow Jesus and walk in a relationship with Him. This teaching article is truly helpful and I highly recommend it!

Free Will Vs. Destiny Q and A

The reason the topics of universal order vs. randomness, and personal fate vs. complete free will are so fascinating is because they deal with the meaning of life itself. Predicting future trends is an ancient, and now largely underground tradition since the Age of Reason; seers, psychics, number mystics, and astrologers such as Ptolemy, Vettius Valens, Abu Ali Al-Khayyat, Ibn Ezra, and others guided emperors, kings, queens, religious leaders, military generals, warlords, and others, and continue the practice to this day.

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