LET GOD FIGHT YOUR BATTLES | Let Go & Let God – Inspirational & Motivational Video

The Little Children

Who could be more deserving of love and grace than a newborn child? At birth, a child is without sin, filled with wonder about entering the new world of life. Every moment is an adventure.

A True Friend

Don’t become depressed because you have no friends. You are not alone. Learn how to be a true friend to others.

The Invitation-Hear and Respond to the Call of Life

Being born a human being brings with it an invitation, a call. This call is the call to live life in wonder, to live in the great mystery. Not everyone hears this call… or perhaps better put, not everyone remembers hearing the call.

Stop, Look, Listen, Then Smell The Flowers

Take nothing for granted! Look at it this way, life is a privilege, not a right. Sure, with those first couple of sentences, I am seeming a little “preachy”, but it will all be justified with the rest of this article, just hold on and read.

You Are Special To God

God wants you to delight in Him as you enjoy His presence. Don’t hesitate to call on the Name of Jesus and to stand on His Word, because you are special to God!

Always Keep Your Faith In Jesus

Jesus is Greater than your circumstances, Greater than the negative thing, that holds you. To call on the Name of Jesus is to see a new way, to see all things differently! What I am teaching you today is always keep your faith in Jesus!

Many People Are Struggling Because They Are Going The Wrong Way

Being a Christian is about a new life in Christ! It’s a spiritual awaking for you, and you need spiritual truth from the scriptures to stay on course.

This Relationship of Presence

The relationship of presence has a complex connection to the continuum of usefulness and uselessness. This relationship has no purpose, although a purpose may be fulfilled through it. This relationship has no goal or aim, although goals and aims may be reached through it. This relationship has no meaning outside of itself, beyond itself, although meaning may be fulfilled through it.

Jesus Has Power Over All Distressing Situations Troubling You

Whatever your situation is, Jesus invites you to come to Him! It’s right there written in the Bible for you to know that Jesus is Alive, Mighty and Powerful!

Jesus Has A Storehouse Of Blessings For You

You have all new covenant blessings made to you in Christ Jesus. Jesus is wonderful and there are many great things He wants to do for you.

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