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How Do You Walk With Jesus?

When you are walking in harmony with Jesus, the fruit of a spiritual relationship is evident. There is only one way to live, and that is devotion to Jesus! He is always first place! Am I right? This article is popular, valuable and profitable! Stop looking at where you have been and start looking at where you can be when you walk with Jesus.

Is God Your Top Priority?

Jesus came to show you what it is like to live a life devoted to God! God longs for you to know Him! God wants you to love His presence! This teaching article is for those who are really serious about getting closer to God. You see, you and I were created to bring God pleasure! Today I’m teaching you how to be a God -dependent person not a self-dependent person. Listen to me and pay close attention, you’ll be glad you did!

Are You A Positive Influence For The Lord Jesus?

It’s my spiritual mission to help you become a Awesome Christian! You see, the Holy Spirit will transform you into a strong and effective witness for Jesus. There is no walk in the world so sweet as to walk with Jesus. You’ll be saying YES to everything He calls you to do. This teaching article will help you grow in godliness. Interested?

Spiritual Maturity

After many years of hearing the gospel preached, taught, and listening to both men and women share the word of God; we have to put our faith in action. The purpose of growing in grace and spending time in the presence of the Lord; is strictly for your own spiritual growth as a believer.

THE MOST HIGH GOD ~ Fire Baptisms and the Anointed Ones (The Cannabis Revelation)

This article describes how God used marijuana-infused Holy Oil to Anoint his Prophets (1 Kg. 19:16), Priests (Ex. 40:13), and Kings (1 Sam.16: 3,13) and the Spirit of the Lord came upon them in power and they could preach, prophesy, witness, perform miraculous healings, see visions, and dream dreams of the future. These called-out ones would change into different people (1 Sam. 10:6-7; 2 Cor. 5:17). From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible (over 149 times) informs us that God is pleased by repeatedly inhaling the sweet fragrance from Holy Incense offerings (sacred anointing Oil is mentioned over 49 times). There is also clear undeniable archeological evidence that God’s Holy Oil recipe contained the common Cannabis or Hebrew: Kanah-Bosem (Ex. 30:23-25) – Not the rare Calamus plant. In addition, Jesus baptized his disciples with this “Fire” (Mt.: 3:11; Acts 2:3) holy anointing, oil and instructed and instructed them to heal others with this Anointing Oil (Mk. 6:13). The Early Church elders also used this Anointing Oil to heal their Church members and they used Holy Incense to worship God.

You Have To Stand On God’s Word Through Troubles And Problems

You discover all your spiritual help in the Word of God! Your first thought in your circumstance should be what does the Word say about this? This is a very, very, important teaching! What makes this different is, the Holy Spirit shows you how to reach out to Jesus. Take the pressure off yourself! You need to read this teaching article right now! You don’t have to feel stuck, frustrated and defeated when you have spiritual help!

The Most Important Decision Of Your Life Is To Come To Jesus

God wants to give you a brand new life! God has a divine design for you. It’s easy to find an excuse that will cause you to wait and say not now. Maybe you’ve been trying to organize your life according to your own plans, not God’s. But here’s what’s important! You need a spiritual rebirth through Jesus! What’s that? A new power for living! Let me help you get started. This is a critical first step. There’s no time to waste! Find out what Jesus wants you to do to get a new life of spiritual power.

Paradoxical Paradigms: The Balancing Act Required Now

We’re living at a historical crossroads of monumental proportions. To choose well, we need to harness our power of discernment, engage in courageous thoughts and nurture fresh perspectives. We need to direct our Life Force away from the detritus of broken systems to confidently focus on the things we desire to expand and grow. As we become inner-directed, self-regulating beings who receive our guidance and discernment from within, that inner wisdom will lead and keep us safe. Here are the key steps to navigating with courage amid paradox and change.

Finding the Humor in Spirituality

As Mark Twain said, “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” As gratitude multiples your blessings, we hope you appreciate the humor in the quotes below. Some of the quotes may seem too negative to be spiritual, but we believe questioning spirituality is a good thing and can be spiritual too.

Numerology, Sex, and Love-Root Numbers 1-9 Part II

Everyone has been exposed to basic numerology, and we don’t blame you if you’re skeptical. Instead of relying entirely upon single factors like the day of birth, we’ve found pattern recognition using multiple indicators is the most dependable way to delineate personality and fate.

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