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Perpetual Dilemma

Have you noticed that you are in a perpetual dilemma? What is the best choice? Shall I do this or do that? Is this, that, or the other a better way to go than any other? Perpetually you are strung between two poles, two possibilities, two decisions, and two possible choices. There are only ever two things going on: the ego or the Divine.

Number Mysticism and Money

Numerology is number symbolism. Numbers designate quantity, and they can also symbolize qualities, incredibly, in relation to personal money matters.

The Growing Popularity of Numerology

Numerology is growing more popular by the day. More people are beginning to understand the powerful changes they can make based on their Numerology readings and forecasts.

What Is, What Is Not

Consciousness is what it is, ease is what it is not. With that seemingly ridiculous and dramatically “blanket statement”, I begin this article.

What Does Authenticity Mean to You?

What does authenticity mean to you? The discovery of who we really are involves surrender, acceptance, and genuine discovery, rather than the manifestation of our will, preference, or desire.

We Need To Get Back To Nature

We no longer live in an agrarian society. At the beginning of our country almost everyone lived off the land and were close to nature, being as it was, people were close to the land and cherished what was important in life. When you live close to the land and nature, you begin to realize the importance of God and nature in your life. You sense a closeness to God and others that cannot be felt in an urban environment. Living in a rural area, people develop a sense of community to nature and others, you learn to depend on others and others learn to depend on you. You have a relationship with your neighbor and have an obligation to help if needed, knowing they will help you if the need arises. You become like family and share the so-called bad times with the good.

Why Doesn’t God Answer All Our Prayers?

Why doesn’t God answer my prayers? In this article, we explore the reasons. Pastor Ken looks into the subject of prayer and concludes with a thought-provoking story.

If You Had Power

If you divided all of the water in the world into separate small parts, you will still call each part water. Similarly, power, though it may be shared, is still power.

Spiritual Law Vs. Criminal Law

Criminal law and spiritual law sometimes coincide, but oftentimes not. In a spiritual sense, you’re free to do what you want; the ultimate test of whether or not a given act or behavior violates spiritual law is if it hurts you or another person.

The Image of the Expert

The image of the highly-trained, bespectacled and opaque, remote and expert psychoanalyst remains for many the notion of what a psychotherapist looks like and behaves. But in Sacred Attention Therapy we build on the liberating ideas of humanistic psychology, while retaining our awareness of what and how and why others see us in the ways they do.

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