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What’s Your Story? (A Sermon on Mark 8:27-38)

“Jesus went on with his disciples to the villages of Caesarea Philippi; and on the way he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” And they answered him, “John the Baptist; and others, Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.” He asked them, “But who do you say that I am?

Who Are “We”? Who Are “You”? Are “We” Completely Defined As Our Egos?

Where in your physical “you” is really who you are? Are “you” in your heart? We do a lot thinking so are “we” in our brain?… Or how about in our mind?… but physically, where is our mind? Our eyes do the looking… but ‘who’ is doing the seeing? All our senses do the sensing… but again, ‘who’ is doing the witnessing? All these senses are brought to our brain as electro-chemical impulses… The brain interprets this data, and our conceptual mind analyzes, judges, compares, reasons, applies various biases and prejudices… then determines if we should fight or take flight. If there is a perceived threat or if someone is possibly attempting to make fun of us, take advantage of us or challenge our fragile eggshell egos… “We” become the illusion of our conceptualizing mind mistakenly centered around the complex psychological influences our egos superimpose on ‘who’ ‘we’ take ‘ourselves’ to be.

Unbiased Spirituality

Compassion, Joy, Equanimity, Unconditional Love, Philosophical mindfulness and a balanced perspective of Psychology are the core attributes of unbiased Spirituality. Even ‘mainstream religions’ allow themselves to have these perspectives. One’s Spiritual Path is a personal “Journey” towards Enlightenment of one’s Soul. Not a guilt trip. Faith is not about fearing ‘God’… It’s all about love.

All Theologies Spiritual Traditions and Religions Believe in Some Sort of a Life After This One

All ‘non-duel unified conscious’ Spiritual Traditions such as Advaita Vedanta, Dzogchen, Buddhist, Zen, Tao, Tibetan Bon… outline doctrines that form a more direct approach to basically achieving similar morals and virtues with psychologically balanced rational perspectives. At the core of these Spiritual Traditions, a practice of meditation is essential to help one find their ‘center’… the Ground of their Being, their Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness or in Hindu, their True eternal ‘Self’. This forms a direct approach to abiding in the Pure Awareness of our True Nature of Being… Connecting to the Ground of our Being is essential to our wellbeing in this life… And in the intermediate period of Bardo between this life… and whatever comes next.

Dominion Over Marital Challenges

Are you having marital problems? Marital challenges are real but what is more real is the truth that you have dominion over these challenges. God will never allow any challenge more than you to come your way. The issue is how you tackle the problems that come your way. This article gives you the ground on which to stand to exercise your dominion over all marital issues.

Why You Must Love Praying To God Always

Do you have the passion and time to pray? Many Christians want so many great things but don’t have the time to pray them into manifestation. For some Christians, it is hard work and time consuming. However, it is the main source of a victorious Christian living on earth. This article states why you must love praying to God Always.

Prayer and Fasting-A Good Way To Start The New Year

How do you want this year to turn out or what are your expectations for the year? The year has started rolling out her days; soon we will be counting weeks and months down the year. It is important that we guide it down the path that will be in our favour, and prayer and fasting is one of the tools to use in achieving this. It is a good way to take towards actualizing your desired outcome for this New Year.

Praise God, It’s A New Year!

It’s a new year. Praise God, you made it into the New Year! A new year, new beginning, new opportunities and another chance to do better than before. No matter how last year was, this year gives you the privilege to do better. This article encourages you to celebrate, for God who caused you to see this year will be there to help you take greater steps this time.

Repaying Karma

There are times we may see something that would define a persons purpose in life and we don’t mention it because we don’t think they would understand it or think we may be ridiculed because we see something that seems impossible for mortal humans to see. My parents purchased a extremely run down farm in 1947 when I was three years old. Life was challenging during those years and mom and dad struggled to revitalize the land and make it profitable. Struggling with the normal vicissitudes of life, mated with the house burning down, there was little money, but there were a lot of fun and good times. Thru it all, we survived and the farm once again became prosperous. Tiring of the hard work, we moved off the farm and sought an easier life in town.

Why Meditation Is More Important Than You Think

You’ve probably experienced delays, unanticipated expenses, and other nasty surprises in your travels; it’s just part of the overall adventure. Aside from adopting a detached disposition, getting enough rest, focusing on the rewarding parts, and expecting the unexpected, there’s something else you can do to get more out of your travels, and you can apply it toward other areas of your life as well to maximize your blessings: meditation.

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