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What It Takes to Be Spiritually Healed And Why Only Some Experience It?

Speaking with friends who are not spiritual about healing and gifts of the Spirit demonstrates that they are not tuned in. That means they cannot feel the power or comprehend it. Those who are connected do feel it and healing usually follows.

About My Subscription To The Resurrection

I am subscribed deeply. Sure, I could start and end my article with that, but, it is not that simple. After many experiences with that world existing in reality, I am subscribed deeply. That means, I believe in God, all aspects of God masculine and feminine, and an honestly intelligent working creation on all levels.

Holly Cried

Hope is a wonderful thing. It supposes that one has an expectation that something will happen. What do you hope will happen?

Kathi Passed Away

Sometimes, you are overwhelmed with unhappiness, and it seems like the entire world is against you. Yet, that is the time that you will reflect and concentrate. Realize that you are not alone and that your path to great joy is only one prayer away.

Are Diverse Spiritual Teachings the Same?

The method cannot be the way in a comparable objective sense. Great wisdom is within you inherently, since you are born a human being.

Reparations, Karma, and Reincarnation

Whether or not you believe descendants of black slaves in the USA should receive reparations as compensation for that terrible time in US history, there’s no denying the generations of abuse and mistreatment they endured. In this article we’re not going to debate the issue, but look at the spiritual side of reparations.

Three Signs of a Spiritual Relationship Part II

Most people realize, upon maturity, that seeking a perfect relationship is futile. Another strategy is necessary in order to be happy, since it’s impossible to achieve and always maintain excellent emotional, mental, and sexual compatibility.

Kathi’s Choice

We know how to form our opinion about what we see, but we struggle with what we feel. Our world drives us to want details, proof, and collective reasoning before we will trust what we feel. One of Jesus Christ’s disciples had that problem too. He was known as “Doubting Thomas.”

Your Conscience

Do you trust your judgement. You shouldn’t.

Joseph, the Tekton

In order to fully understand someone, try to learn what you can about that person’s past. Childhood, a time for learning, establishes a basis upon which one builds who he/she becomes.

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