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How Long Does It Take To Forgive?

How long did it take Mandela, walking out of prison, to forgive? How long did it take Jesus of Nazareth, a rebel, wandering rabbi in an occupied country, to forgive? How long did it take Robert Rule, the father of the raped and murdered daughter Linda, to forgive?

Do You Love Me? (A Sermon on John 21:15-19)

“When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.

Unleash Your Gifts and ELEVATE!

Don’t look for success outside of you, because success is inside of you. And you have divine guidance and divine wisdom available to lead you every step of the way. If you have found yourself desiring more for you life then it is time for you to unleash your gifts and shine!

Tell People What God Has Done – At Christmas – And Also Throughout The Year!

Many are prepared to admit that Jesus was a good man – but – Jesus never claimed to be a good man. He claimed to be God. If you have seen me you have seen God. The Scriptures testify to that. The Son of God was there at Creation – read the opening words in Genesis, and the opening words of the Gospel of John. God became one of us. He was a real man – and Jesus went on to change the world, by changing and transforming people – and we are still involved in that transformation. He was born like us. He grew up like us. He grew in wisdom and stature – physically and socially. He was tempted like us. He faced the same pressures as we face, and He did not sin. Jesus Christ is not some distant figure. We cannot say – God, You do not know what it is like to live here.

As Disciples of Jesus, Help Us Never To Hide Nor Run Away – Make That Vital Decision!

We do not run to come in first, but to finish faithfully – is that true of you? Why would anyone want to become a Christian during these first three centuries? Persecution was fierce and universal. Yes, it has been so since the very early days of the Church of Jesus Christ, and we need to be informed as to how it is spreading rapidly today. The book of Acts tells us how serious fierce opposition has been since men and women were born again. It was a tough time then to be a Christian – for the world to know that a man or woman was a Christian – and it is quite similar today in many parts of the world.

Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God – A Truth Often Overlooked

When we hear or read of men of faith, there is always that element where each acted on the basis of his faith. They did something, obeying God, having taken risks. They were prepared to look foolish, or be regarded as peculiar, and then there came that day when their names appeared in an honours list in the book of Hebrews. They had pleased God. God calls us to persevering faith, demonstrating endurance and continuance – a going on. It takes courage to persevere and endure, and the writer to the Hebrews is addressing discouraged disciples. In the military context, perseverance means you stand your ground through all the battlefield dangers, refusing to flee, or run away. In the athletic context, it speaks of not falling back, or dropping out. If the Christian life was regarded as some kind of jolly picnic, there would be no need for this type of language.

How Do We Answer Those Enquiring About Our Christian Faith?

How do we give satisfactory answers to those who say that the Christian Life is dull and boring, or restricting and limiting? In other words, how do we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant and meaningful to those who may be enquiring? Our answers may depend upon the reality of our experience of the risen and living Jesus. How were you ‘born again’? Can you share your testimony of Christ in a way that speaks to the enquirer? How did those stalwart disciples in the early Church of Jesus Christ act and behave and speak? This is where we have to know our Bible – the Word of God. People want facts and not fragile superficial feelings. They were ashamed at times of their unfaithfulness – and perhaps puzzled. Think of the two men on the Road to Emmaus – Ananias in Damascus – Peter before going to the home of the Roman Centurion, Cornelius.

The Case To Study Reincarnation

Many today don’t believe in reincarnation, especially in our western civilizations. Those in the “New Thought” community are into all the various kinds of healing and spiritual modes, but many never consider the idea of reincarnation.I suppose It is just too far out there to even consider. Many consider it taboo or not even possible, they are so hung up on being a body with a soul, instead of a soul with a body that many don’t even consider the possibility of having a soul.

Forgiveness in Action

Forgiveness, like not forgiving, depends on separation. The reason that forgiveness is dependent on separation is surely clear: while I hold on to blame and hatred I can never be healthy in my inner world.

Christ Is Risen! (Easter Sermon 2019)

Looking back and looking up! “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well” (Julian of Norwich) I can’t remember when I first heard those words of Lady Julian of Norwich. I think they were first read to me by my mother.

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