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Are You Experiencing Abundance in Your Life Today?

At times you may feel you are experiencing abundance, and at others times not so much, or not at all. What is it that either brings abundance in, or drives it away? Is it as simple as making a choice or are we just victims of circumstance?

Heal What Has Been Plaguing You

You know what it is, that thing that most deeply concerns you and appears to be the reason for the pit in your stomach while you lay awake at night. Whatever it is that creates such sadness or despair that you just want to cry, it is all the same and very real, no matter how large or small the circumstance that brings it on. Let’s work on resolving that right now.

In Search of The Truth: The Modern Mystery School

We are in an exciting time of rediscovering the Ancient – or Ageless – Wisdom Teachings as we shift into the Age of Aquarius. Since the dawn of time, when humanity was ready for another shift in consciousness Mystery Schools came forth to teach the next level of truth as to “who we are”, “why we are here”, and “where are we going”.

An Awareness of Self

Knowing the other as ourself constitutes a spiritual revolution, a tsunami in awareness, a quantum leap in consciousness. Such a deepening in the fundamental understanding of humankind is the only way in which the modern world will rescue itself from the threatening, contemporary malaise of ignorance, complacency, intolerance, and darkness.

Hosea How Much Further Can You Push the Prophecy Envelope?

When the Lord first spoke through Hosea, the Lord said to Hosea, “Go, take for yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom, for the land commits great whoredom by forsaking the Lord.” (Hosea 1:2) There is so much to dislike in that snippet of Scripture, and it’s just one verse! As the story unfolds, things don’t get any better.

Truth About Hypnosis Part I

Hypnosis is perhaps most widely (and falsely) known as the state of being helplessly under the control of another person’s suggestions, such as in an entertaining stage show. Too many people incorrectly assume hypnosis is dangerous, But the truth about Hypnosis is quite different.

You Can Start Your Life Over Again

You can start your life over again God’s way. When you’re born of the Spirit, God is always busy doing a new thing in you.

God Is Looking for You

Are you living your life without God? Are you running away from Jesus? Are you the person who has forgotten about God? God is looking for you.

Open Your Mouth Wide And Enjoy Triumph And Blessings

How much power of your mouth are you enjoying? Life and death are in the power of the tongue and you will eat the fruit of it (Proverbs 18:21). Understanding the power that lies with your mouth will deliver you from troubles and release your blessings to you. This article encourages you to effectively use your mouth for your good, open your mouth wide and say what you ought to say to enjoy triumph and blessings.

Discovering What Wisdom Has To Offer

What has wisdom got to offer you? Wisdom is a great virtue that anyone living on earth should possess to enjoy his or her time here. God founded the earth by wisdom and so having it is a sure foundation for you, so that you won’t stumble. She should be your number one possession for a glorious life on earth. This article gives you what you will gain for having wisdom.

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