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Are You Problem Centered Rather Than God Centered?

You have to have roots deep into God’s Truth! Every day you have to have spiritual refreshing. What’s that? That’s knowing God invites you to give Him your problems, cares, concerns, and worries.

3 Tools To Attract Your Soul Desires

By using the tools of visualization, day dreaming and mindfulness we are able to shift our energy from one of wanting, which makes us long for something we do not have, to embodying the outcome as if it is here in the now. This shift takes us out of the lack mentality and energy of want into the energy of having arrived at our destination.

The Effects Of Spirituality In The Life Of A Man

Do you wonder why you have no peace and your life seems to be crashing down? Then, one area I will suggest you check is your spirituality. This is because your spirituality determines what happens to you physically. This article relates your success in life to your spirituality in Christ.

Will It Profit You To Gain The World And Lose Your Soul?

What shall it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? Every action, thought or word of yours determines the line you are towing. And your time on earth is too short to make wrong choices. This article encourages you to focus on gaining your soul.

Do You Know Jesus?

Who is The Good Shepherd? Jesus! The One Who loves you with a perfect unconditional everlasting love! You see, when you know Jesus you have a tremendous hunger for Him! You throw your whole life into seeking Him.

Does Your Mouth Glorify God?

Do you have passionate love toward God? What I’m asking you and teaching you today is does your mouth glorify God for what He has already done for you?

Only In Jesus Will You Find Deliverance From Stress

Many people all around the world are living with no peace because stress is controlling them. I want you to know your life will transform supernaturally by following the principles of God’s Word.

What, Never Thirst Again? ( A Sermon on John 4:4-42)

Earth’s fountains fair but mock our souls, Like desert phantoms lure, And they that drink, the fainter grow, The keener thirst endure. You’re not likely to recognise the hymn from which these words are taken – words that cleverly highlight the enigma that no matter how much we drink, the human thirst for water is never ultimately satiated. You may well recognise though the passage from the Bible that inspired these words – namely, our Gospel reading form John chapter four, where Jesus speaks of…

How Atheists and Sceptics Can Use This “Spiritual Paradox”

There’s a contradictory idea in Eastern, Western and other traditions. Even if you have no spiritual side, the psychological insight here is powerful.

The Mirror Of God Is The Reflector Of Your True Image

Who do you see when you look at the mirror? This is because who you see determines what you think, say or do and what comes to you. However, the mirror you are using is what dictates the reflection you see. And the best mirror to use is the mirror of the word. This article charges you to see yourself as the word of God sees you.

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