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Awakening Into Transformation My Spiritual Awakening Journey

Spiritual awakening journey is the process of finding yourself by going within. The process can be be daunting at the beginning but the results as you transform and evolve into your true identity is healing and rewarding for the whole collective consciousness. Your responsibility is to heal thyself and that will create the ripple effect that heals our world.

The Conundrums of Religion and Why They Require Taking Myths, Magic, & Miracles As the Literal Truth

I was born, raised, baptized, and even catechism’d a Catholic. Inspired by the stories of how Jesus used miracles and magic to cure the sick… As a young child, I figured that if the adults were serious about this, then it must be real. I was inspired to find out how to seriously learn this… Then, along comes my introduction into the misinformation of the Catholic religion.

When a Profound Ponderance of ‘Life’ Arises a Spiritual Philosophic Journey Is Born – Here’s the Map

As young child I recall looking out over the ocean and experience a view of the endless horizon… Imagining what lies beyond the boundless spaciousness of this big world. Then later, Gazing out at the stars in the sky, amazed at how big our universe was… What is out beyond those stars?… What is beyond my life? What is my life’s purpose… ? As one ‘Grows up’ and gets a bit of worldly experience, then ‘Wakes up’ to seek the Self Realization of our True Nature… One should earnestly take up an essential personal Spiritual Path. Part of this endeavor should be investigating all reasonable religions and spiritual traditions for what they all have in common that inspires Unconditional Love and a compassion for all ‘God’s’ children… for the greater good. What you find here is a direction worth including in your own Spiritual Path.

True Empowerment Now: How to Become Fearless by Tapping Into Your Source of Inner Peace and Power

No matter how turbulent things are around us, we can find peace within. Peace is always there – it is what remains when we move our attention away from the scary things around us. And inner peace is the first step toward inner power.

The Power Of Gratitude To Multiply Your Blessings

Gratitude is one of the most powerful spiritual tools that you can use to enhance your state of mind and life, and cope with challenging circumstances. In accepting that which you can’t change, and expressing gratitude for what it is teaching you, life’s problems become easier to tolerate.

The Enemy Cannot Gainsay Nor Resist The Amazing God With Your Mouth

Are you aware of the power that lies in your mouth? Some people understand and believe in this power of the tongue and are utilizing it well. On the other hand, some other people are victims of the words of their tongue. And the amazing thing is that the enemy cannot gainsay nor resist the words of certain people.

Wonderful! Death And Life Are In The Power Of The Tongue

Do you speak life or death with your tongue? Many people talk without thinking, and by so doing, heap the very things that they don’t want upon their lives. However, taking time to think before speaking will help you to choose the right things to say per time. Truly, death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Beware Of The Evils Of The Tongue As In The Word Of God

How many times have you wished you didn’t say what you said? The tongue can be unruly if not tamed. And it can say things that will destroy a person and his future. And it’s such that some words once spoken can’t be retrieved and the effect may never be corrected. So, in this article, the evils of the tongue will be given to broaden your mind to the negative potentials of the tongue.

Understanding The Awesome And Powerful Uses Of The Tongue

How well do you know your tongue? Many people don’t understand the tongue and so readily fall into its trap. And when you underestimate the capability of the tongue, you will be highly hindered in your pursuit of peace and success.

As A Child Of God Don’t Mess Around With Your Tongue

What results is your tongue giving you? While some people are suffering from what their tongues delivered to them, others are enjoying the fruits of their tongues. So, you are responsible for what happens to you in life by reason of what you say with your mouth. Therefore, in this new series, you’re charged not to mess around with your tongue.

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