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Warning: Black Magic Incurs Negative Karma

Believe it or not, you are dabbling in black magic if you wish someone harm. Even worse is actively invoking dark energies to assist in harming someone.

Considering The Faith Walk Of Abraham-The Secret Of His Success In Life

Do you desire to have the kind of faith that Abraham had? Every believing Christian desires to walk in faith the way Abraham did so as to enjoy the help and interventions of God. However, many Christians are still struggling with how to walk by faith. This article aims at showing how Abraham walked by faith and got his answers.

The Rain Of God’s Word Is Never Impotent

How much of God’s word have you put inside of you today? The amount of rainfall that the earth receives determines how watered it will be and its ability to bear fruits. The ground that receives enough rainfall is sure to produce abundantly. This article is aimed at charging you to drink more of the word of God for your desired turnaround.

The Crisis in the Catholic Church and How to Soar Beyond It?

The current church in the Catholic church is heartbreaking to say the least. It is hard to fathom that so many religious individuals can misuse their authority in this kind of way. The betrayal of trust that has been felt through the church has sent shockwaves down through the church. The laypeople of the church are stunned that such a thing could have happened. There was an immediate shock and disgust at the whole idea. Now that the news has settled a bit into our minds and hearts, everyone wants change-especially the kind of change that will prevent this kind of abuse from ever happening again. Precautions must be put in place, task forces must be created, and boundaries set. In this article, I will examine how we can soar above all the betrayal and hurt to a place where we can be more patient by calling on God’s grace.

Call Forth Your Harvest On Every Seed Sown

Are you sowing and not receiving your harvest? The challenge may be that you are not deliberately harvesting the fruits from your seeds sown. Every seed sown on the right soil that is watered well brings forth fruit and must be harvested; otherwise it will remain or be spoilt in the field. This article encourages you to call forth your harvest on all your sown seeds.

In Depth Analysis of the First Name Robert

When starting an analysis of a name, counting how many letters a name has, offered a glimpse into the inner nature of the person place or thing. The name Robert has six letters. The number six is an inward vibration; its vibration carries the potency of close intimate love.

Deeper Perception – What to Do With It?

We can gain deeper perception during self-reflection, meditation, observing nature, reading sacred writing. But our well-being depends on how we react.

Why Self-Love Is a Hope That Leads to Despair

“Forgive yourself.” “Be kind to yourself.” “Love yourself.” And a common one I’ve often been guilty of in encouraging people: “Be gentle with yourself.” All well-meaning turns of phrase, but utterly empty in spiritual usefulness; the equivalent of high-GI sugary fast food.

Psychiatrist Claims Demonic Possession a Real Problem

After 25 years of experience in private practice and as a professor at New York Medical College and Columbia University, and evaluating hundreds of possession cases, Dr. Richard Gallagher believes possession is real. He is also the author of Demonic Foes, A Psychiatrist Investigates Demonic Possession in the Modern United States.

Is There an Ego?

Is there ego or not? Do we have one? Is it desirable at all? What is it? Why are we so confused with the endless spiritual messages-usually negative-concerning ego?

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