WHEN DID WE STOP DREAMING? | Start Dreaming Again – Inspirational & Motivational Video


When did we stop dreaming? When did we stop believing that we could do anything? Why is it that as we get older we stop dreaming about things that excite us? As children we had big dreams. But at some point in our lives, a person, situation, or circumstance planted a seed that we weren’t good enough and convinced us that we needed to be more realistic. I want to encourage you to go back to dreaming big and believe that even if your dream looks impossible, God can do the impossible!

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When Did We Stop Dreaming

Pablo Picasso said this: every child was born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Children live in color. Researchers tell us that up to the age of four or five children test at a genius level, because that’s how kids see life, but what do we do? We give them coloring books and what do we do? We tell them color inside of the lines. We tell them you’ve got to follow the rules. We tell them you’ve got to play it safe and, and I’m all about wisdom, but friend I believe that life can so easily strip the creativity from us. It can so strip the color from us.

It can so strip the possibility thinking from us, because it’s so easy to just color in the lines. It’s so easy to just begin to play it safe and life has a way of stripping us of creativity. It has a way of discouraging us from risk.

It has a way of teaching us to fear and to be afraid, the biggest lie. I believe of life is be realistic. You just you just got to be realistic. It’s that’s crazy. You can’t do that. You know that most dreams die in practicality.

This is not practical. Dreams are never practical. Dreams never make sense to that one part of your brain that wants a plan. Dreams don’t come from here. They come from your soul, they come from your spirit, they come from your creator. You know, isn’t it, isn’t it so funny and you go well, I’m not an artist.

Well, you were well. I’m not creative, you were I’m not telling you to go paint today, though, maybe you should I’m not telling you to go create today, though, maybe you should I’m asking you to dream again, I’m asking you to believe again, I’m asking you to believe God for something and this is the blessing of the child, of God, Acts chapter 2, verse 17.

In the last days, God says I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. What is prophecy? Prophecy is future talk. Prophecy is saying what God says: not what circumstance say.

Prophecy is saying what the word of God says, not what the people are saying. Prophecy is living by the word of God, the spirit of God and the life of God on the inside of you and not being limited. By what circumstances tell you you have to do come on somebody and then it goes on to say, and you will see visions and you will dream dreams, and I love that it says the old man will dream dreams.

I’m just telling you our culture says you dream when you’re young and then you got to grow up and God says I don’t want. I want you to be 80 and dreaming. I want you to be like Caleb saying, give me this mountain.

I want you to be 60 and dreaming 50 and dreaming 100 and dreaming. I never want you to lose the childlike wonder. Jesus said you will not be able to receive the kingdom unless you are like a child. Pastor David Cho, the pastor of the largest church in the world in Seoul South Korea says this, “dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit.” This is how God talks.

Spend Time in the Word

And if you’ll spend quality time in the word and in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit will paint an image on the canvas of your heart and it will be the dream that God has for you.

God can do anything, God can make it happen, even when men say impossible, we serve a God in whom nothing is impossible. So don’t ever let anybody talk you out of your faith. Don’t let anybody cause you to let go of your dreams.

You know uh. I want to read to you from Proverbs chapter 29, a very familiar verse. It says where there is no vision the people perish, but if you have a dream, if you have a vision, a God-inspired idea, then praise God.

That is something that motivates you. It keeps you moving forward, it keeps you determined and single-minded and focused, and it causes you to get up every day with a smile on your face. Knowing that something good is on the horizon and if I’ll just stay in faith, then God’s going to make it happen, just keep dreaming big dreams.

Don’t let anybody convince you that it’s just too big, for God, nothing is too big for the God that you and I serve. If you can think it, he can do it. If you can ask it, he can do it. If you can dream it, he can do it.

So just keep dreaming and don’t let anybody talk you out of it. If God has given you a dream, if God has given you an assignment, if God has given you a vision, then hold on to this promise. No one can cause it to to be restrained.

No one can keep it from coming to pass the only person that can keep that from coming to pass. Is you, and if you don’t do it, then no one else can including the devil. He can’t cause it to be restrained if you will not let go of it, so just hold on to your dream, no matter what’s going on around you just dare to believe that God can do anything well.

What is a Dream?

So what is a dream? What is a God dream? A dream is a picture of what could be it’s a picture of what should be it’s using your gifts and desires, not only to bless your life but, more importantly, to expand God’s kingdom.

Hey. Let me just ask you guys what could be for your family? What could be for your finances? What should be for your future? What could be I, I know what it is, but what could be? I know where you’re at, but what should be? Can you live for something greater than where you are or where you’ve always been, and can you begin to dream again and say I believe there could be something more for my future.

I believe there should be something more for my I thank God for everything. He’S done in my life, but I feel like there could be more something is so audacious enough to say. I think there should be more.

This is the dream and – and it’s not only going to bless me, but it’s going to expand the kingdom of God in the earth. But you don’t get a road map and then a dream. You get a dream and then you map it out, and then you get a plan and friend I’m just telling you start dreaming again start start talking outlandish again, start praying radical prayers again, start believing again go on a fast again start praising God again start reading your bible again, start believing God again, because I believe God wants to give you another dream. So the bible says it like this Proverbs 29:18 without a prophetic vision without a dream, the people perish see if you don’t have a vision, you’re going to live by circumstance.

If you don’t have a vision, you’re going to live by, if it’s a good day or a bad day, if you don’t have a vision, you’re going to be constantly limited by what the news tells you, but you can get a you can get a prophetic vision For your life, so that you’re no longer limited by the limitations of the world, but you have a God dream.

You have a God idea. You have a prophetic vision from the spirit of God that propels you and leads you into your destiny, because outside of a vision and a dream, all you have is your natural circumstance and you will constantly be a victim to your circumstance.

But when you have a dream, it takes you above because the dream is beyond circumstance. That dream will take you beyond your ability. A dream will put you on your face. A dream will drop you to your knees.

A dream will make you lean on God. Hope in God and trust in God, because the dream is going to take you beyond what you can do and it’s going to take you on into what God can do hear me friend. If you can fulfill your dream, without God, your dream isn’t from God.

If you can do it, it ain’t from God and it might be good, but it’s not God it might be cool. But it’s not great.

Is Your Dream From God?

If your dream seems to look impossible, then it’s probably from God. So don’t let satan or anybody else talk you out of your dream, even though it may look impossible.

Just stay focused, stay in faith and keep believing that God wants to bring it to pass in your life. If the dream that God has given you looks utterly impossible, then ask yourself this question right now is anything too hard for the Lord? Well, I can answer that question for you.

No, nothing is too hard for the Lord. So let me encourage you no matter. What’S happening around you, no matter what’s happening in the world today, don’t ever stop dreaming big dreams. If you receive a dream from God, not everybody will celebrate it.

Not everybody will applaud it. Not everybody will say, what can I do to make it happen in your life? You might, you can receive a word. Actually, this is the law of the kingdom. If you have a dream that is from God, it will be attacked, it will be maligned, it will be denigrated, you need, you need to not respond and just trust in the hand of God, the blessing of God, the favor of God. Promotion comes from him.

God Has a Plan for Your Life

God has a dream for your life. God cares about your life.

He knows the hurt that you’re carrying right now. He knows the disappointment. He knows the rejection and all the pain that you’re enduring right now it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a plan. I don’t know what difficulty has destroyed your dreams.

I don’t know where a difficult person has gotten in the way of your dreams, but God brought you today into this moment to say that that thing is inferior to him. That thing cannot block his dream for your life.

In fact. Listen to this, the only person in all the universe who could prevent God’s dream from happening in your life? Is you satan can’t stop God’s dream for your life, your spouse, your health presidents and rulers and politicians and rioters? None of them can block God’s dream for your life.

The only person who can is you believe for yourself that there’s an author to this story that we’re living believe in your own heart that he’s the creator of the planets and he has a dream for your life.

When Everyone Else Says It’s Impossible…

I remember one time reading something that Winston Churchill said about dreams. He said when everyone else says impossible. You don’t have to join them. You can still say it’s possible and then continue to strive towards achieving your dream.

Let me read that again: when everybody else says impossible, you don’t have to join them, you can still say it is possible and then continue to strive toward achieving your dreams. So, in other words, if other people think your dream will never come to pass, you don’t have to think that you don’t have to join them.

I’m going to keep dreaming it, I’m going to keep pursuing it, no matter how impossible it looks, because I know that God is on my side. If God gave me that dream, then he will see to it. It comes to pass.

All he’s asking me is just stay in faith. Just stay in faith, that’s all he’s asking you just stay in faith, keep trusting him and he will make it come to pass. If you’ve got a dream, then you’ve got to you’ve got to protect it.

If you truly want it then go for it and go get it. Let me say it again: if you’ve got a dream, then you’ve got to protect it. If you truly want it then go for it and go get it. Winston Churchill once said: never, never! Never quit that’s so important, so many Christians fail to experience the dream that God wants them to experience simply because they give up too quickly.

You know they say. Well, I don’t guess: it’ll ever come to pass because of well stop allowing the because of to prevent you from pursuing that dream. God wants you to dream big dreams, God’s the one who put that dream in your heart so go for it.

Satan is going to do his best to try to get you to give up he’s going to try to get you to abort that dream he’s going to try to get you to become convinced that there is absolutely no way it will ever come to pass.

Make that decision that God gave you that dream, then it’s worth waiting on it’s worth fighting for. Every dream I’ve ever dreamed. I’Ve had to stand in faith for I’ve had to continue and and just make up my mind that I’m not going to give up.

I’m not going to I’m not going to accept defeat, I’m just going to stick with it and as I, if I’ve made uh as I backed what I had said, I was going to do. Then God eventually brought it to pass, but every dream I’ve had to fight for, I have to stand in faith for it and I’m going to tell you something: it’s worth it praise God

Small Beginnings

Small beginnings, because I want you to dream big.

I want you to dream. Big small beginnings lead to big endings, don’t trip, God has something big for you, I’m not I’m not telling I’m not! I’M not telling you, God doesn’t have something incredible for you, I’m just telling you it starts with small beginnings.

So, let’s go to Zechariah now, Zechariah 4:10. Do not despise. That word despise means to treat this common. It’s to sneer at it’s to roll your eyes at it’s, the God says, do not despise. Don’t treat as common these small beginnings for the Lord rejoices.

The Lord is so hyped anytime you do a small thing, because the work is beginning, it’s beginning not completed, but it’s be at least I’m trying, but you have to learn how to rejoice in small wins because God doesn’t do big leaps.

God does small steps and until you can start rejoicing with God, about the work beginning because if you’re not rejoicing, you’re despising right, we just want everything. Big and God goes. I don’t I don’t start anything big.

I start everything small, but we’re, but we have so many Christians who know how to pray fervently and we’re believing God for things: okay, we’re believing God for things that he doesn’t do. Bishop TD Jake said it like this: God has never made a table, God made trees and some of y’all praying for tables.

God give me an oak table. Give me oak chairs, and God goes here – you go God. I need a table with seed in our hand. God says I don’t do tables I do acorns, I don’t do chairs, I do seed, then you have to take that seed and you have to put it in the ground and you have to water it and you have to till it and you have to work It and you have to weed it and you have to fight for it and you have to fertilize it and you and those little acorns that are in your hand, right now, you put those in the ground, you won’t even see them for five months and you’re Wondering where is the table with acorns in your hand, where’s the marriage I want with acorns in your hand, where’s the money, I’m believing God with acorns in your hand, where’s the joy I want with acorns in your hand, where’s my destiny with acorns in your hand.

God don’t make tables, he makes acorns and then he says, work it.

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