You will never reach your full kingdom potential until you first overcome your giant. Facing giants is intimidating. Look at me. Face it anyway.  To defeat your giant, you’re going to have to fight. It’s going to be tough. Fight anyway.  
It might be ugly. Fight anyway. It might be difficult. Fight. Don’t wait for the giant to leave. Fight now. Fight today. Now,  if defeating your giant matters, start now. A giant is anything that stands in between you and the promises of God that feels impossible 
to overcome. A giant is anything that’s in between you and the life that God has for you and the more you look at it the more impossible it feels. Like that thing is to overcome like no matter how hard you try, he’s not going to fall to the ground and a giant can be a whole host of things. 
Anxiety, depression, worry, stress, mental health issues, rejection, insecurity, bitterness, doubt, fear, finances, comfort, sickness in our body, ungodly beliefs. I mean you name it, there is no end to the limit of the giants that can exist in our lives. And I would bet there’s some of these things standing in your life standing in between you and what God has for you. And maybe you’ve even gotten to this place where it feels so impossible for it to overcome, you’ve just come to accept it. It’s intimidating to face down your biggest enemy. That one problem that’s held you forever.  
It’s intimidating to think about losing 40 pounds. It’s intimidating to imagine overcoming addictive habits. That giant stands between you and health. That giant stands between you and your purpose. That giant stands between you and your destiny. That giant stands between you and your God-given  
potential. Fight. I mean John 10:10 Jesus says the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. The giants of life want to steal kill and destroy the life that God came to give you. They don’t care how they do it. They want to steal. They want to kill. They want to destroy the abundant life or the  
promises of God that Jesus has made to you and they do everything they can to try to take you down, but what I want you to understand right out of the gate is you are an overcomer. You are a conqueror. You are more than victorious. You are a pioneer and you come from a long line of  
giant killers. You were made in the image and likeness of God, the ultimate giant killer. You come from the line of Moses, a giant killer. Joshua, a giant killer. David, a giant killer. Jesus, a giant killer. The disciples, giant killers. The people in this room with faith, are giant killers. You come  
from a long line of giant killers and yes, your giant may be big, but Jesus is bigger. I am not minimizing the giant in your life. It is big, but Jesus is bigger. Jesus is bigger and this is why Luke 18 tells us  
that what is impossible for people is possible with God it may feel impossible for you to take down your giant and you know what you’re right. By yourself it is impossible for your giant to fall, but in Jesus name it’s time for you to  face him and move forward in life. Get going.  
This might be your day, today. can be your day God  knows where you are. God knows the battle you’re in. You’re not alone in the fight. God is on your side. I say but what if I pray and nothing happens? Keep on praying. When you get up in the morning look out the window and say this might be my day!  
I’m ready. In a moment, in an instant, everything can change. Fight now. Fight today. Today can be your day. It’s time. It’s the time to take on your giant. No more procrastinating. Let’s go. Time to fight. You’re not on your own. God’s on your side. You’re not gonna fight alone.
it’s not really a contest between the giant and me. It’s a contest between the giant and the Lord. And though I wouldn’t stand a chance against the  giant, he doesn’t stand a chance against the Lord. First of all, get your eyes off of those giants that you are facing
you know we get so overwhelmed  by our problems and the more you look at the problem the more it grows. Have you ever noticed that? The more you study your problems, the bigger they get until they get into gigantic proportions.
Get your eyes off of the giants that you are facing and get your eyes on the Lord. It’s so important that we get things in the proper perspective and you cannot have the proper perspective until you see the whole situation as it relates to God’s power and God’s ability.  
Get your eyes on the Lord. This is about learning to have more faith in Jesus than in your giant and what I want to say to you is your future is on the other side of the giant that you are afraid to face. So don’t let your giant hide your  future. Come on! Just because he hasn’t fallen yet  
doesn’t mean he won’t, in Jesus name. There’s always a giant between you and your destiny. Chances are if you ask God to go to another level, a giant’s going to show up. You got to learn how to convert your fear into faith. You got to learn how, listen heroes and cowards both deal with fear.  
The heroes just learn how to convert the fear into faith. Faith involves some fear and doing it anyway. And at some point you got to stand up to it. You want to be strong. Spend time with God. You want to convert your fear into faith. Spend time with God and he’ll start helping you use fear  
as fuel for your faith to trust that God can do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the  power that’s at work on the inside of us. You see you are not defined by the giants you face but by the God  
that you follow. And when you remember who you are, you’ll always have the courage to face your giants. You are not defined by your giants, you define your giants, in Jesus name. What’s a giant in your life? Anything bigger than you.  
Your giant seems unconquerable and huge. Bigger than you, because it is. By yourself, you don’t have a chance. Your challenge is way bigger than you, but your challenge is not bigger than God. And the quietest whisper from God has more power than the loudest giants roar.  
Come on. You are not defined by the giants you face, but by the God that you follow. Listen to me. Some of you, you just need to hear this, you are not your anxiety. You are not your depression. You are not that rejection. You are not your insecurity. You are not your sickness. You are not your failure. You are  
not your shame. You know who you are? A beloved son or daughter, fearfully and wonderfully made. Made in the image and likeness of God. You are the head and not the tail, the spirit of God is inside of you, the kingdom of heaven is inside of you. You have the keys of the kingdom. All authority on heaven  
and earth has been given unto you through Jesus. You are a conqueror, you are victorious, you are an overcomer and you’ve been empowered by Jesus to destroy the works of the devil. That’s who you are. So you know what that means? You don’t have to be  
afraid of your giant because your giant is terrified of you. The giants of darkness are just hoping that the people of God will never figure out who they really are, because they know we’re the only ones who can take them down. So they will strut and  
roar and intimidate and be relentless and ruthless  to try to trick you into thinking you’re somebody   else or you’re something else because they  know you’ve been empowered by God to face them   and walk in victory over them you don’t have to  be afraid of them because they’re terrified of you  
this is why the bible says that even  at the name of Jesus the demons shudder   if Jesus is in you you got a whole lot more  than the name come on you become what you behold you will always become what you behold in  other words whatever you look at you’ll start  
to become like that thing so what I’m trying  to tell you is the more you look at your giant   the bigger it becomes and the smaller you become   the more you look at your God the bigger he  becomes and the bolder you become so stop looking  
at God through your giant start looking at your  giant through your God when you know who you are   no giant can tell you who you’re not so here’s my  question for you have you forgotten who you are whatever giants in your life have you forgotten  
who you are are you letting that giants roar  be louder than God’s whisper have you forgot we are more than conquerors more than victorious  through what through Jesus and his love for us how   are you looking at the giants that are facing you  right now because in God’s word Red Seas can part  
Jericho walls can fall down the sun can stand  still the Jordan River can park giants have to   fall everything bows every circumstance you’re  facing no matter how big it looks no matter the   bills you’ve got to pay no matter how lonely  you feel no matter how far away marriage may  
look or a healthy marriage or a healthy family  or whatever it is you’re facing that’s trying to   tell you it’s never gonna change you need to see  your circumstances through the lens of God’s word   that every circumstance every giant every  mountain you’re facing can crumble into the  
sea as you begin to move towards it with faith in  God you just keep moving forward don’t you quit   don’t you give up don’t feel like you got and you  gotta know who the real enemy is the real enemy is   not your spouse it’s not your kids it’s not your  in-laws it’s not your boss the real enemy is the  
prince of darkness and he’s trying to bring strife  he’s trying to get you distracted fighting battles   that are unnecessary keep focused on the right  fight somebody needs to shift their attention   away from the problem and turn their attention  toward the provider listen to me he loves you  
God loves you he has not left you alone  to face this on your own he is with you   we’re not facing it alone and don’t get  discouraged if you get discouraged don’t   beat yourself up if you feel beaten  up if you feel like you’re too afraid  
too anxious then just get down on your knees  turn to your heavenly father ask him for help   remember all those times in the past that he  has helped you go low before you go high go up   unto the mountain of prayer make God’s name your  priority let your mind be full of his thoughts  
take up the stone of passion and move forward  against this challenge and then just be persistent   remember his marvelous works which he has done  keep a list of his world records has he not walked   you through waters before has he not proven to  be faithful have you not discovered his provision  
I want to encourage you to write today’s worries  in sand and chisel yesterday’s victories in stone realize that God is for you  and Paul picking up on that   in Romans chapter 8 said for if  God is for us who can be against us
John said greater is he that is in  you than he that is in the world   God is for you and God has made  available to you the resources of heaven God is for you
and when God is for you no giant can stand no problem can continue for there  is nothing that is too big for God through the power of the Lord
every giant in your life can fall but  you’ve got to trust in God and get   your eyes on him and off of your problems and  situations and just commit yourself to the Lord   and he shall surely destroy the  giants that are threatening you
when’s the last time you ran toward your giant  when’s the last time you ran toward your problem   when’s the last time you said you know what  Goliath of anxiety you’re not going to get me   Goliath of despair you’re not going to get me
Goliath of the worst case scenario I’m not going  to assume that I’m going to trust in the armies   of the living God and consequently you run in  the direction with faith with courage because   you have listened to the voice of God if you’ll  get up you’ll find that it’s not as bad as you  
thought it was if you’ll get up you’ll find  out the devil is not as big and as powerful   as you thought he was if you’ll get up you’ll  find out that that spirit that has your child   is not as tough as you thought it was because  God has not called you to be in that trench of  
depression he’s called you to get up and  giant killers are not only disciplined   and giant killers are not only submitted  but giant killers get up aren’t you tired   of being down looking up seeing a big enemy I’m  going to tell you how you shrink the enemy you  
start pulling yourself up by praising the Lord  and focusing on God and declaring the word of   God and praying in the Holy Ghost you’re not some  weak down person you’re a giant slayer hallelujah   and pray in the Holy Ghost and he’ll lift  you up and as you go up the enemy goes down
I don’t know how big the giants are in  your life that you’ve been facing of late but I do also know they’re not too big for God in fact Lord it’s nothing to you
as the bible says just cast all your cares on him   for he cares for you turn it over to  the Lord let the Lord fight your battle experience the power of God working in your behalf  
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