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Why Live A Life Of Gratitude Unto God As A Lifestyle?

How often do you thank God? It is normal for many people to complain and murmur more than to give thanks to God. However, thanksgiving is the way of life of a true believer and it determines his access to God and His blessings. In this article, you’re encouraged to live a life of gratitude as a lifestyle.

The Path of a Personal Spiritual Practice Includes Becoming Like a ‘Virtuoso’ in Meditation

The Path of a personal Spiritual Practice includes becoming like a ‘virtuoso’ in meditation. The goal of deep meditation is to find an inner peace that turns just sitting and doing ‘nothing’, into an inspiring ineffable experience that is beyond mere words to describe yet is so subtle that most folks at first won’t notice those profound depths. The ultimate goal of deep mediation is Full jhanic absorption, it is basically the ‘Enlightenment’ the Buddha experienced and has been taught by Buddhist ever since. This can be achieved by anyone that puts in the ‘Right effort’. Regardless of how profound the fruition of full jhanic absorption can be, any stage along the way will reveal a Bliss beyond measure that makes each step of this Path a reason to ‘be here now’.

UFO Speculation and Evidence

Thirty years ago, if you mentioned you believe in extraterrestrial life on other planets or UFOs, most people would look at you like you were an alien. Now those same people, thanks to so much undeniable evidence, are either warming up to the idea, or doubling down with their denial. Perhaps we’ll find out soon enough how real they are. Will some aliens among us be revealed too?

Everyone Is Fixing Their Body, But No One Is Attending To The Health Of Their Soul

Most people are committed to improving their physical appearance, yet few are dedicated to nurturing the health of their soul. What about you? Have you given attention to your soul? You might say: “I don’t know because I can’t see my soul.” And you would be right in thinking this way. Over the coming paragraphs, I’ll offer you clues on how to focus on your soul health and nurture a deeper connection.

What Is Yoga? Is Current Yoga Publicity Misconceived?

The term Yoga is very much in use these days. International Yoga day was celebrated with a lot of fan fare recently globally. It appears as if the public has become very much aware of the Yoga and its advantages to the mankind. But these days Yoga has become akin to physical exercises to keep you fit and fine. Some claim Yoga as a cure for medical ailments. It is good that people are becoming aware of multiple uses of Yoga but this is indeed irony of fate that in this maddening race of finding novel achievements of Yoga the real purpose of Yoga appears to have been lost sight of, undermined or taken a back seat.

Psychics-How They Get Information

The idea of magically perceiving details about the future takes some getting used to. But once you do, the awareness can be invaluable, saving you enormous amounts of time and money.

Empowered Symbolism: The Engine Of Real Magicians

Deep, meaningful symbolism that resonates deep within the mind and soul can be perceived as magic. It is much more, though. It is what connects the productively used imagination to reality.

What Is Vedic Astrology? Why What & How?

The Hindi word for astrology is Jyotish which accurately interprets to the ‘eye of the Veda’. Are you looking for best astrologer (or) Vedic Pandit? to get solutions for all your issues.

Mapping the Soul

Mapping the Soul Truth, Individuality, Freedom, Self -Love, Clarity, Empowerment Do you feel that there is something significant you’re meant to do? Do you long to have more impact?

Soul’s Journey

A Soul’s Journey (Higher guidance – inner wisdom refers divine guidance as higher self, super consciousness, separation, soul, supra consciousness, spirit, etc.).

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