Speaker 1: 

Father God Inspire Me!

How many times when we wake up in the morning, we just don’t really sometimes feel inclined towards the things of God. We just feel tired. Maybe we don’t feel inspired, but you know what? When we take time every morning to spend time with the Lord, to tell him we love him, to thank him, to worship him for who he is and all he’s doing. And we place our posture before him beloved ones every morning and saying, father God, minister to me today, father God, keep me excited for you today, Father God inspire me today, father God give me fresh bread today.

When we have that posture beloved and put it into action every day, you know what Every day becomes an adventure. Every day brings something new. Every day is a day of growth. Every day’s a day of transformation. Every day is a day of discovering Jesus in a deeper way. Jesus is pleased and we capture God’s heart.

Steve Gaines:

You wake up, you got a decision to make. Am I going to pick this thing up First thing, put this thing down and pick up that the first thing you do as quickly as possible be to pick up your Bible and start hearing from God, read slowly, read out loud, read through the Bible.`And then every single day, wake up and say glory to God. This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. To me, the most dangerous thing you can do is to walk into a day that has not been prayed over.

Robert Morgan:

We should wake up every day and say, Lord, today, I want to be about your business. What do you want me to do And if we fatefully do what God has called us to do as best we know how, and it may be a lot of little things, smiles and words of encouragement or deeds of mercy or being kind, but just doing whatever God has given us to do in the day with the right attitude. Then when we go to bed at night, we can say, Lord, I brought glory to you today by finishing the work you gave me to do today. And when we do that over the course of day after day after day, that’s what we call faithfulness.

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Steve Gaines:

Focus on spiritual matters. Get in the word, share Jesus with somebody, pray for somebody. Pray with somebody, go to church, invite people to church, just be a part of the solution.

Speaker 1:

Every day we need God, a fresh and a new every day. We need him to sustain us by his grace. Every day we need his protection. Every day. We need him to fill us with a fresh impartation of his presence of his power. Every day we need his angels all around us, protecting us every day we need God, just like we’re dependent on the air that we breathe in with our nose and our lungs every minute of our life in order to be sustained physically, it’s even more true that it’s the spirit of God that it’s God himself, that we need every minute of every day, every second of every day to truly be sustained.

Jesus wants us to understand that we should become completely dependent on the Father. Not thinking that we can live on yesterday’s bread. Give us this day our daily bread. Jesus is saying depend on God for every breath you take.

In other words, when we wake up in the morning, we’re not relying on a big storehouse, but every day that we wake up, we’re relying on God, a fresh and a new. Now, if this doesn’t just mean financial provision and this just doesn’t mean food on the table, this is an attitude beloved of dependency on God.

Steve Gaines:

Matthew 6:11, give us this day, our daily bread, I’m going to seek first, the kingdom of God every day, you don’t need to live. You’ve only got one life it’s going by like that. You better start seeking first. The kingdom of God, before you see him face to face.

Joyce Meyer:

Whoever you are, wherever you’re at, whatever you’ve been through. It is never too late to begin again. Maybe you didn’t get to finish college and you regret that you didn’t, or maybe you never got to go and you regret that. It’s not too late to start again. You can go to college online. You can start when you’re 50, you can start with you’re when you’re 60, you know, it doesn’t really matter. A lot of people just automatically think if they’re over a certain age and they can’t do anything and God’s got a fresh start for you.

He is the God of do-overs the God of second chances. The God of fresh starts and new beginnings. And he doesn’t even have any limit on how many you can have. So what do you think of that? That’s the really good news. Isn’t it That’s pretty amazing. It doesn’t say, and you can have two new beginnings, but after that you’re out, doesn’t even say you can have 10 new beginnings and after that you’re out, but the devil would love for you to believe the lies of Satan. That it’s too late for me. I’ve made too many mistakes. There’s no way to overcome the mess that I have in my life. It is just not possible. I’m too old. It’s just too late.

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Rick Warren:

It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late. If your heart’s still pumping, it’s never too late. Start over. God specializes in new beginnings and fresh starts. Now both the old Testament and the new Testament in the Bible are filled with examples. God giving people a fresh start because is the God of second chances. He’s the God of new beginnings.

He’s the God of starting over. He’s the God of beginning again. He’s the God who specializes in giving people fresh starts. And aren’t you glad that no matter what happens in your life, he can make everything as good as new? And aren’t you glad that God says I’ll do what needs to be done to give you a fresh start? Well, Psalm 1 45 14 says this in the message. It says, God gives a hand to those who are down on their luck. And he gives a fresh start to those who are ready to quit.

Have you felt like giving up Have you felt like quitting You felt like throwing in the towel. It is always too soon to quit. Now here’s the answer to your insecurity. When you say I don’t have what it takes, you’re not going to do this by yourself. God says I’m going to be with you. And if I’m with you, that means you can rely on my power. You can rely on my presence. You can rely on my promises. You can rely on my protection. There’s nothing to worry about.

One Plus God is a majority Proverbs 24 verse 10 says this, don’t give up an act helpless in times of trouble. Now, during these times, have you stopped trying, have you stopped trying, you know, during trying times you gotta keep trying.

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Joyce Meyer:

Winston Churchill. Boldly delivering a one-sentence speech to his countrymen. Legend has it. That Churchill stood before a hushed crowd. During the darkest days of world war two, an I, here he is. He’s going to deliver a speech on the darkest days of world war II and people are waiting to see what this great word of wisdom is that he’s going to bring. And he simply said never, never, never, never give up, turned around and sat down.

And you know, it, it’s easy to give up. I just want to tell you that, that it is really easy to give up. You don’t need the power and I don’t need the power of the holy spirit in our life to just give up. I mean, anybody can do that, but we are not anointed by God for give up. We’re anointed by God to press in and press on and go through and be the people that God wants us to be, do what he wants us to do and have what he wants us to have.

I love that in John 10:10, the thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But Jesus said, I came that you might have and enjoy your life and have it in abundance to the fall until it over flows. So if you’re not enjoying life, either you’re believing the lies of Satan. You don’t have a right relationship between you and God. You’re concerned and worried about all kinds of things that you don’t need to be concerned and worried about because literally having a relationship with God means that we don’t have to worry if we really understand that relationship properly.

And I do believe that if you just won’t give up, that you don’t even have to be very talented or very smart. If you just refuse to give up, you will succeed at what God wants you to succeed in life.

Tony Evans:

Don’t give up. As hard as it is, as challenging as it is been the word of the Lord for today in the reset that he is doing is don’t give up in spite of all the turmoil we’re in personally, never give up.

Sometimes life will knock you down. Sometime you’ll tell with a broken heart. Sometimes you’ll be in broken circumstances, but I know somebody, even though he lives up there, he’s willing to come down here and take the broken and the beaten and be a bro abuse and give you a divine reset so that he can still take you. Your family. Take us the church across the finish line. So you keep the faith because you got a cloud of witnesses, you’ve got some decisions to make and you got king Jesus. Who’s here to help you.

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David Jeremiah:

Open your heart to the incredible possibility that whatever’s going on in your life. God is more powerful than that. And that his love is unquenchable, unstoppable… and will never let you go. Whatever it is that’s going on in our life. Because of God’s love for us. We can overcome that. We are more than conquerors.

We are overcomers because of what God tells us about his love for us. He gives us the strength to overcome things that we would never, ever be able to overcome. In fact, we have discovered, have we not been in the midst of suffering in the midst of trials, in the midst of deep seated difficulties, we find God in a way we could never find him in times of prosperity.

When we are in the deepest need, he comes to us in a way that we can’t even explain. It’s that peace that passes all understanding. He will never let you go. He loves you. You cannot get out of the grip of his love. If you’re a Christian, if you have accepted Christ as your personal savior, you’re in the family of God, father, God has your back. He has your hands. He’s got you. And you will never escape from his love.

Thank you Father God!

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